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An assortment of links, Ham-related and others...more to come

NASA, ISDN and the Single Geneder Academy-OC Dept of Ed

World Slow Scan Television Club New!

WSC Membership

Slow Scan Samples

14.230 MHZ SSTV Net 1

14.230 MHZ SSTV Net 2

Personal Websites

Astronomy Website

Philosophical Quest Website

Instructional Design

Environmental Ethics


General Links

BATC Digital television-for live video of ISS and ARISS school contacts

ISS Fan Club

Google Sat Track: ISS

IRLP Discovery Ref;ector (listen to streaming ISS school contact audio)


Ham Nation (with Bob Heil, Gordon West)

Ham Radio Nation

Learning Ace

HribeNet (Mountaineering)


Amateur Radio Information

Valley Verde Amateur Radio Association

Nice Links page from KB2ERJ


Short Wave Listening

Global Tuners


HAM Radio Study Materials


Ham Radio Study Resources

The DX Zone

Gordon West Radio School







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