Ten Tec 1320
20M CW QRP Rig

QRP Innards 92K JPG
Ten Tec 1320 20M CW QRP Rig
The 1320's innards

I won this rig as a prize at a hamfest and it took a while to get around to building it, but it was worth the effort. I must commend TenTec for producing a nearly fault-free set of instructions (some typo's) and for kitting the parts perfectly, no shortages or extras of anything. And best of all, it worked as specified through each construction phase including final test and alignment. What a receiver! The 5-pole IF filter is razor sharp and even on a busy band like 20M CW it's easy to zero in on a signal and not hear much else. Signals are detectable down to less than .1uV. The AF amp is kind of noisy (hiss) but has tons of clean audio that overrides it. The big, heavy magnet speaker throws enough audio to be uncomfortable around if turned up too high. TX power was right around 4W, at 14VDC input @1A (all within spec). I might be able to squeeze another watt out by tweaking the output matching toroids but didn't feel it was worth the effort. My only criticism of the design is that the transmit mixer adjustment is very sensitive and is hard to get (and keep) the transmit offset where you want it. I might try some component changes to make this more stable, but it does work as advertised. I was impressed with the design concept they used which used the same frequency crystals for the transmit mixer, BFO and IF filter- very efficient engineering. I would add an RIT on-off switch and maybe a fine tune, but I understand that TenTec intentionally omitted a lot of features to keep the kit reasonably priced and less complicated to build. While some might think that $95 for a single-band QRP rig is kind of high, I'm here to tell you that you are getting much more than a basic DC receiver and VXO.

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