L.G. Cummins * K5GC (ex-KG5QI)
        GMRS * KAE-9961
        CLASS D * KJW-6406

Welcome to the Scanner Radio Page!

My radio monitoring hobby began in the mid 1960's with a tuneable VHF receiver.
I began maintaining and distributing a regional frequency list in the early 1970's.

Since June of 1988, I have been an Amateur Radio Operator. My first call was N5MXZ.
After upgrading to Advanced Class in August 1988, I obtained the call KG5QI.
On May 9, 2000, I was granted my present vanity call - K5GC.
I have held the Amateur Extra Class license since November of 1992.

I was previously active with the Taylor County ARES SKYWARN program,
serving as an Assistant EC and Net Control Operator.

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