Amateur Radio Station WB3JBG ca. 1978

The image below is a picture of my station, WB3JBG, taken some time in 1978. The transmitter is an Eico 723 60 Watt CW rig, with a Heath VF-1 vfo. The receiver is a Heath SB-303 solid-state ham bands receiver with the 400 Hz CW filter. Also visible is a homebrew audio filter with two 741 op-amps (the headphones are plugged into it). Beneath the vfo is my homebrew T/R switchbox, which contained the antenna changeover relay, a sidetone oscillator (a modified Heath code practice oscillator), a relay to mute the receiver, a relay to switch the headphones between the receiver audio line and the sidetone, and a high-speed reed relay to key the cathode-keyed transmitter (this kept the potentially dangerous voltages off the key contacts, and allowed me to use a solid-state electronic keyer). The little box sitting on top of the transmitter is a CB-type 13.8 VDC regulated power supply which powered the T/R switchbox. The keyer is a Ten-Tec - I forget the model number - that was sold as an accessory to their Century 21 transceiver.

The T/R switchbox gave me single-switch station control; I just switched the transmitter from "Standby" to "Operate", and all of the necessary switching happened.

Not long after this shot was taken, I replaced the Eico 723 transmitter with a Heath DX-60A transmitter. A few months after that, the Mode switch on the DX-60A went south on me, so I sold the DX-60A and VF-1 and bought myself a Heath SB-401 transmitter, which was the mate to the SB-303 receiver.