Homebrew Mini-Paddles

Here are pictures of the homebrew iambic mini-paddles that I use with my NN1G Mark I 20m QRP transceiver. The base is an aluminum block that measures 0.5" tall, 1.25" wide, and 2.5" deep. I salvaged it from the trash at work. The contacts and the phenolic spacers between them were scavenged from a couple of junked Turner desk microphones. The contacts and spacers are installed in a U-shaped piece of aluminum that's screwed down to the paddle base. The finger pads are pieces of perforated PC board soldered to the outer fingers of the contacts. There is no tension adjustment, but the tension is fine for me. Connection to the keyer or transceiver is via the 3-circuit 3mm phone jack at the rear of the unit. Little rounded self-stick rubber feet keep the paddles from scratching desktops. The paddles and interconnecting cord fit inside the lid of my NN1G 20m QRP rig!