Lafayette Comstat 25A

My first base-station CB transceiver, somewhere around 1973, was a used Lafayette Comstat 25A tube set, similar to the one shown below. Mine was in nowhere near this kind of condition. The paint on the front panel and cabinet were in poor shape, so I disassembled the set, stripped and repainted the cabinet in dark blue metallic, repainted the front panel in a two-tone light blue and dark blue metallic scheme, and used red Dymo labels to mark the controls. I also repainted my Turner "Plus Three" desk mike to match. I used some nice black bakelite knobs with brushed aluminum centers to replace the awful metal ones that came with the radio. It was a really attractive set when I was done with it! Unfortunately, the power transformer went up in smoke a couple of years later, and I just scrapped the radio. It wasn't worth repairing.

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