Meeting begin at 7:00 p.m. Present were Roger, Ron, Jim, David, Lenea, Jane, George, Ed, Preacher Jim, and Keith Andrews who became a member at the beginning of the meeting. We welcome him to our club.

Roger begin the meeting discussing the tone and timer on the 145.150 repeater. He has cut off the timer and the tone and asked if we would like it turned back on. There was a motion and a second motion to leave it off. The rest of the members agreed also, so the tone and timer remain off.

Next discussion was to let everyone know ,Ron is working on a backup for the 442.100 repeater and a backup for the 145.150 repeater.

Next we discussed the duplexers (6 cavity) are for sell. Club needs to set a price. David is interested in getting them.

Next is changing the numbers on our sign for our repeater frequencies. Roger said it would be easier to change them on a warm day when we can get together to go change them. David and Lenea offered to help change them.

Next Jim mentioned that Roger be reimbursed for the purchase of flowers for Bill and Net. David made the first motion and a second motion was made to do so.

Next we discussed getting a card for Ellis in Chester.  Lenea agreed to take care of it.

Next the discussion of getting the Satellite up for Steve was discussed. David is going to try to get with Steve and find out a good time for him. Steve was pleased with the turn out for the emergency testing drill we had. We had a good report from the Man down to grade us.

Next Lenea brought up some ideas we could do as a club to maybe make it more interesting. David and Lenea for the past 2 years have been the emergency planners for The Whitney Place in Union. In case of disaster we are to check and make sure they have a place to go. Lenea thought it would be a good idea to check some of the other homes for the elderly, etc. to see if they need emergency planning help. We also discussed having more testing drills over the radio. David as Skywarn Manager is going to conduct them as soon as Roger makes sure everyone has a copy of the severe weather information. We will have some planned drills and some not planned drills. This will start after our next member meeting.

Next it was brought up about the accident that Preacher Jim had. He fell between the heater and the wall, with the chair on top of him. It just happened that his 2 meter HT fell with him and he was able to get to it and call for help. Several people heard but Gerald was closes to his radio and got in touch with Roger, who got some help to him. Many thanks to Gerald and Roger for coming to the aid of Preacher Jim.

Next we discussed Field Day. We all agreed if we start having again to have it in a cool location so it can be enjoyed by all.

Roger then gave a brief discussion about repeater coordination. Roger and Jim C. are involved in Southeastern Repeater Association. They make sure repeaters are managed and maintained correctly. How the areas are measured for each frequency for the location. Roger also talked a little about the Sera Magazine. If anyone needed to update their subscription.

Next Jim C. brought to our attention that our savings account was costing us to much of our savings. He is going to check into the different options to keep it or if we need to just drop it and just have the checking account. Motion was made for Jim C. to take care of the matter . Whatever he thinks is the best way to go. Club members agreed.

We then talked again about the 145.150 machine. What we had to go threw to get it, and the trouble we thought we were going to have. We had a good laugh!!!!!

We ended the meeting at around 9:00 p.m. Thanks to everyone able to be there.