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Model # 70-1632B

This page will be updated when I get the RX sensitivity adjustments complete!

This document is for informational purposes ONLY! If you choose to follow the steps outlined herein, you do so at your own risk. I cannot, nor will not, be responsible for damage to equipment caused by modifications YOU make to the radio as a result of your reading this document.


I am not working on this conversion...

What I can tell you now is that there is a ASCII text file with the extension ".CHL" in the software directory which defines the radios' "band ends". Edit this file with any ASCII text editor and change the nearest "split" radio to cover the Ham bands.

First, copy the XTR.CHL file to STRORIG.CHL then edit the XTR.CHL file as follows. The UHF "B" split is defined by Midland as 450-470. Simply change the "4500" to "4400" under the UHF(B) entry in the new "XTR.CHL" file. Then execute the software and enter the Amateur frequencies you need.

You will need to relock the VCOs (TX and RX) and tune the filters. I have not fully tuned my XTR mobile yet. As the project advances, I will update this page to help you in your endeavors as more info comes available.


October, 2003 - I gave up on tuning and locking this radio on the 70 cm Amateur Band due to lack of time.  I am using it on another licensed service (GMRS) which is in the original specs of this radio.  Maybe I'll restart this project in the future.

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