the Carolina Cyclone mobile antennas

The Lexan covers used on all Carolina Cyclone mobile antennas are also available for other screwdriver type antennas.

Our covers are constructed of 1/8 inch wall Lexan and will not discolor or weather.

Cover 1 - for DK3 and its clones:
     2 3/8" ID X 21" Long
     Price: $16.00 shipped to lower 48 states

Cover 2 - for Carolina Cyclone I or others with up to 2 1/4" OD mast:
     2 5/8" ID X 22" Long
     Price:$19.00 shipped to lower 48 states

Cover 3 - Carolina Cyclone II or other large screwdrivers with 3" OD mast:
     3 1/4" ID X 18" Long
     Price: $22.00 shipped to lower 48 states

To order a Carolina Cyclone mobile antenna cover:

     1. Select which antenna cover you are ordering.
     2. Include a check or Money Order for the purchase price.
             (remember - shipping to the lower 48 is included)
     3. Be sure to include your shipping address, callsign, and telephone number.

Mail to:

     Jerry Oxendine K4KWH
     2007 Lee Street
     Gastonia, NC 28054

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