Phone Operations for 2001:

We had more phone operators than last year, and the operations was set up in the CAP Radio Room at the back of the hangar.  There was a computer already there for logging, and plenty of access to run coax cables through the wall.  We used a tower already at the back corner of the hanger for the phone and cw antennas, and it worked well.  Wire antennas were used throughout on the hf bands.  Tim Calhoun, KU4YY, is shown operating at the CAP/PHONE position below, with his ICOM transceiver.

Tim and Sid and others visiting used the phone setup, and I believe perhaps even a few CW contacts might have been made at the rig.  Most contacts were made on 40 meters, but someone suffered out the static long enough on 75 to make forty some contacts.
Don Bullock, KE4BME, originally from Cumberland, dropped in to bring hardware for the FARA System, and took a turn at the rig.  Also, Robert Thompson, WD8ING, a new ham in Hazard, had a go at the position.

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