The CW Setup:

The CW setup this year also suffered somewhat from fewer operators.  WB4IEA brought his Ten-Tec Gear and used a triband (20-15-10) dipole.  Most contacts were made on 15 meters this year, and the band was open and stable for a good part of the contest.  Additional ops were K4AVX, AK4U, KR4WI, and KE4BME.  Bob spent the night, though, and accounted for most of the contacts.

Above is Bob, WB4IEA, at the CW operating position between the CAP/Phone room and the digital setup at the front end of this room.  Bob is using his faithful Triton IV and Bencher Paddles with the MFJ Deluxe keyer.  The Triton is very hard to beat as a CW rig, even in these days of digital smididal.

At the right front is a notebook computer which was used for logging for the second year.  A different program called QRP Dupe was used for logging this year.  It is freeware made for QRP use, but has most all the contests now, added since it's development during the last year or so.  It was easy to use, but unlike the one used last year, had no provision to merge all the files from the different computers at each operating position.  It did export a text file, so it was easy to put the different files together in Lotus 123, and come up with what the ARRL wanted.  Sure makes logging and duping easy!!

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