Amateur Radio: K3RLL

Another of the many facets of our fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio is collecting "wallpaper" or certficates from sponsoring agencies or particular stations offered for a wide variety of reasons. Each of us covets the prized "DXCC" certificate commemorating confirmed two-way communications with 100 different countries or entities. Many other attractive pieces of so-called "wallpaper" exist however and are within the reach of the average operator.

The following is just a small sampling of the many available certificates available:

 Issued by the ARRL, Public Service Award Certificates are provided to registered participants in civil emergencies, among other activities.

 To commemorate a Rockmite-to-Rockmite QSO with KC2VBU, Steve generates and mails out these beautiful full-color certificates:

 Issued by the QRP Amateur Radio Club International, are certificates to commemorate communication with a station using no more than 1 watt of output power per 1,000 miles of distance.

 Another 1,000 mile per watt award is issued by the North American QRP CW Club for just such a contact.

 A real surprise, this First Place Single Op QRP CW for Zone 8 came in the mail a year after the IARU DX Contest.
This annual DX contest has a lot of participation from many countries and offers the QRP operator -- as evidenced by this award -- an opportunity to contact a great many different countries in a short amount of time, using very modest equipment and a simple wire antenna.

 Not really an award but rather a certificate offered by a co-ordinated group of Special Event stations commemorating the original 13 colonies for July 4th. This was 'earned' just by confirming contact with one or more of the participating stations.

 From the 2012 New Jersey QRP Club innaugural summertime operating event, the following certificate was the impetus to get QRPers out of their shacks for the day and into the fresh air and sunshine, spread their wings and fill the airwaves with "Skeeters". Using a previously requested "Skeeter Number" and set up in an abandoned field at about 1450 feet ASL, this highly-coveted piece of QRP 'wallpaper' was the result of a cold, windy day dodging rain with my PFR-3 and NorCal 44 doublet.

 From the 2013 New Jersey QRP Club innaugural summertime operating event, I was very pleased to receive another nice certificate from an enjoyable day in the fresh air and sunshine chasing "Skeeters".

 Poking some good-humored fun at the End of The World prediction by the ancient Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club issued official certificates to registered participating stations.
QSL Cards were rumored to be in process but as the tongue-in-cheek organizers of this "timely" event quipped, "better not plan on them because we probably won't be here after Doomsday."

72/73, Don K3RLL