Operating Desk

The main operating desk at K3PP is arranged for efficient Single-Op Two Radio (SO2R) contesting.  The radios are on the lowest shelves, one on each side, with the computer in the middle.  Secondary controls (e.g., rotators, voice keyer, etc.) are on the shelf above the radios.  Other devices, radios, and accessories are on the top shelf or on the third shelving unit.

For SO2R contesting, I plan to use the left-side radio for running (better receiver) and the right-side radio for multiplier hunting and filling in QSOs during the slow runs.  DISCLAIMER: This is all hypothetical since I have to train my brain to perform this function!  J

The shelves are modular STEN shelving from IKEA.  They are cheap, sturdy, and just the right size for my application.

Click on the diagram for photos and more details:

To the left of the computer is the main transceiver, and Icom IC-775DSP, used for running.  This photo shows the Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator controller, but my Top-Ten Devices DX Doubler SO2R controller will replace it in the future (see diagram above).

At the bottom of the rack is the remote control head for the Acom 2000A amplifier.  Above the transceiver is a MFJ-434 voice keyer and the controller for the WX0B Six-Pak antenna switch.
This photo is a closer view of the notches I had to cut into the shelf supports to fit the IC-775DSP transceiver. These shelves are big, but the transceiver is even bigger!
On the right is the Icom IC-736 transceiver used for searching for multipliers and for working 6 meters.  Above that is the TIC Ring rotator controller, MFJ-9040 QRP transceiver and Icom IC-2000H 2m FM transceiver.  I plan to move the Yaesu G-1000DXA controller to the right side of this middle shelf.  On top are an I.C.E. 419 multi-band bandpass filter and the Top Ten Devices band decoder for the IC-736.

To the far right is a shelf rack for miscellaneous accessories.  My Acom 2000A amplifier is on top.  My modified MFJ TNC for packet is on the bottom and a Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000 weather station controller is in the middle.


STEN Shelving

STEN is a modular shelving line sold by Swedish furniture retailer IKEA.  Their Philadelphia-area store is a little over one hour from my home.  The main components of the station shelves are simply the shelves themselves, and the support posts.  Normally, STEN shelves use higher posts, but the extension posts, for extending posts higher, are just the right height for my station.

A finished shelving unit is shown on the left.  There is adequate space on the lower shelf to house an HF transceiver and accessories go on the upper shelves.  It turns out that my Icom IC-775DSP is just a bit too wide to fit properly, so I had to cut shallow notches in the support posts for this particular unit.

Parts List for above finished unit:

Qty Description Unit Cost Total Cost


19 5/8" W x 20 1/8"D Shelf $5.00 $20.00
2 23 1/4" Extension Post (2-pack)  $2.00 $4.00
1 28 1/2" OBSERVATÍR cross brace  $4.00 $4.00


This view of the STEN shelves shows the sturdy construction and the open spaces for air circulation.

This is a rear view showing the steel cross brace and my mess of wire.

Last Updated on 07 September 2001
By Glenn O'Donnell, K3PP
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