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Welcome to the K3J Current News

We'll post info regarding current events regarding operation as internet access and time allows......check back often for happenings, events, progress, etc. 

13 September 2001 0230 UTC: We were again denied clearance to fly, even after local officials had projected the plane would leave today. After another long, disappointing day waiting at the airport, we again find ourselves still grounded in Hawaii. We've been told that they'll again try to fly tomorrow. Watch the news for FAA to lift our flight restrictions, and we'll soon depart….. We solicite your prayers on behalf of the victim's families. 73, Team K3J

12 September 2001 1530 UTC: We have just been notified that the mission to Johnston Island is a go! There is no forecast for the exact time we'll be QRX, however we'll be on the air As Soon As Possible!


Team K3J Johnston Island DX Expedition 2001

12 Sept 2001 0730Z Preliminary intel we've received is our flight is projected to be first out upon clearance to resume flying operations. If all goes well, we may be departing around 1900, with arrival around 2100. If we can round up some extra manpower to help with antenna installation, we may be able to get someone on the air shortly after arrival. If not, I estimate K3J operation commencing sometime around 0200. 73, AL7KC for Team K3J

11 Sept 2001 1730Z Due to recent events in the US, Team K3J is unable to leave the island of Oahu. All Aircraft in US are grounded. We'll keep you posted on the status, however at this moment there is very little chance of the team getting to Johnston Island with in the next 48 hours. Please watch your favorite cluster for spots, if the flight becomes available we will not get a chance to make another post. 73 Dan

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