Dave's Wood Shop Projects

Here is what I do in my spare time. Making swinging buddies of all kinds. These are made from pine boards from boxes that were used where I worked from 1965 to 2000. At the TALON zipper plant in Meadville, PA and Stanley, NC. I worked there for 35 years until they moved to Mexico City in 2000.

I tried to sell these on Craigs List for $20.00 each but the shipping now days comes to almost $10.00. I still sell these and if interested please e-mail me.

No China products, materials, or paint used here. Everything is made in the U.S. and hand made at that. There are two coats or more of paint applied and final coat of a plastic spray is used for weather proofing. These will last a long time if you take them in in the winter. My sister has had one for over 5 years. The crows hat may not last more then 2 years but can be found at any craft store.

Here are pictures of my Hanging Buddies.

Pumpkins $10.00 Each