Dave's Equipment List

New rig just purchased in May 1, 2008
A Yaesu FT-950 with auto tuner.

New Home Brew 2.81 Ghz AMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor , Windows 7 computer for Internet access, and web page work.
SSTV and all digital modes using MixW software and MMSSTV. .

Echolink RF link is by Alinco 2 meter rig on 147.590 mhz. and access it with a VX-150 
or the VX-5 Yaesu HT.  Computer control with an home brew 1.8 Ghz, running XP.

Mobile SSTV Equipment

Use MixW and MMSSTV programs for portable Packet and SSTV.

Back Yard Web Cam, Axis 210A

Kodak 3400 Digital Camera 

Kodak DCV  325 Web Camera


  • Hustler Verticle 80-10, with 30 meter coil added.
  • 50 foot tower with MA5B mini Beam, 6 meter 3 element beam and a Daimond 2/440
    vertical on top. Rotor is a Hy-Gain with CDE control box.
  • Also have up a 224 Mhz. 11 element CushCraft

Ham Shack at this time

Some of my Early Equipment

My first Short Wave Radio

Dave in 1963

More of my early Equipment


Home brew TU unit for RTTY

RTTY and Radio Shack Color Computer

DX-100, HQ-170, TU, Scope, Model 15 RTTY

Home brew SSTV monitor