Information and pictures received on the
K3ASI 10 meter SSTV Repeater on 28.690 mhz.
To operate the repeater

As of July 2005 all the pictures received will be posted on my SSTV Repeater Web Cam page.

Example of Beacon Pictures Sent out

Please be patient: After your CQ picture or other pictures are repeated, please stay on frequency for at least 2 to 3 minutes. As it will take the other station answering your CQ at least 1 minute, 50 seconds, or more to send the repeater his picture. The repeater will send his picture in 8 seconds or less.

I have seen stations send CQ though the repeater and leave the frequency right away and miss a call coming back. Good SSTVing, Dave

When you use the repeater would you please put in your text, (VIA RPTR) that way the other station will know you are using the repeater to send your picture.

It sends a beacon picture out every 15-20 minutes. Signal reports would be appreciated just send the repeater 5~a picture with the RSV of my signal or E-mail me.

MSCAN has discontinude the SSTV Repeater List do to lack of updates

Information on the K3ASI 10 Meter SSTV Repeater

INFO on K3ASI SSTV Repeater

Rig: HTX-100 , with Amp running 20 Watts.

Operating: 24 hours a day.

Interface: NoMic Rigblaster.

Computer:Home brew 1.8 ghz, 1G RAM, OS-XP.

Antenna: A-99 Solarcon Vertical.

Software: MMSSTV-In Repeater Mode.

Location: Gastonia, NC about 25 miles West of Charlotte near Crowder's Moutain State Park.

    How to operate!

    To operate the repeater send a 1750 Hz tone wait for the repeater to reply in CW, after CW send your pic within 8 seconds. The repeater will then send your pictures over the air on the same frequency.