Dave and Del's Pets

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Lucy and Wendy

New member of family, Lucy, 9 months old.

Last picture of Abbey (left) as she died of liver problems after this was taken.

Wendy, 5 months old

Abbey, nine months old.

Abbey, nine months old.

Abbey loved to climb rocks when we go on the hiking trails at Crowder's Mountain State park. Only 4 miles from the QTH.

Donnie(She died in Sept. 2005)

Donnie with summer coat

Donnie during ice storm of 2002

Snarf 18 years old died December 2002

Snarf's winter coat.

Tron, 15 years with her, Died in 1998.

Bunny, Died two months before Tron.
Tron was like a mother to Bunny