Information on K3ASI

My name is David L. Woolstrum.

I was born and raised in a little town in PA of  Cambridge Springs, near Meadville, PA.

I now live in Gastonia, NC near Charlotte.

I have been a ham since 1957 and have seen many changes come about over the years in radio communications.  One major change  was the computer opening many different modes of communications such as digital modes.

The best mode of communicating that I have found the most fun is, Slow Scan TV (SSTV).

I started out in SSTV in the 70's by building a P7 monitor in which you had to sit in a darkened room to view. It took 8 seconds for the picture to scan down the screen and then it faded away. I also had to build a Scan converter to send and receive.

All the pictures at that time were saved on an old cassette tape recorder.   Of course this was black and white pictures only. Then later on came the Robot system that would send color pictures. But it was to expensive for most hams and no one wanted to see B/W pictures. So the old home brew equipment ended up in closets.

But now with computers and just only software (click SSTV Software on Main Page) any Ham can enjoy SSTV in full color.  I use software program  called MMSSTV  for Windows XP. This allows me to work regular SSTV plus it is used to control the SSTV repeater I operate on 28.690 mhz.

But there are many programs out there for DOS and Windows 3.1.  Some software use the Sound Card in your computer and others use a small 741 op amp interface card.   At this time I am using a Rig Blaster Pro. There is a new interface out called Signal Link that does a wonderful job on all digital modes.

I have tried the new Digital SSTV but like the old Analog program the best.

I just love to make funny pictures to send on SSTV.  I spend most of my time on 10 meters on 28.680, 28.690 mhz  but work any digital mode when I come across it on the ham bands.

73' s Dave, K3ASI

Dave's other Hobbies

Like to collect post cards of my old home town of Cambridge Springs,  PA.
(see my web page on the history of this town)

Like to make Lawn ornaments from wood.

Collect Old Time Radio programs on cassette, have over 200 now. Such as the Lone Ranger, Lights Out, The Shadow, and many more.

Used to rebuild player pianos in the 1970's and love mechanical made music made on Reed Organs, Nickelodeons, Duo Art and Ampico Players.

Like to make Web Pages and update my own.

Amateur Ventriloquist 

We purchased a Winnebago 21J View in 2009 and travel a few times a year as wife is still working.