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(temporarily K2JHV)

QSL I designed in Photoshop

Upgraded to Amateur Extra Class on May 12, 2012.
K2JHV callsign approved on July 25, 2014.
Returned to WA2WHV on May 9, 2017


May 2014, I received my Flex-6500 Sofware Defined Receiver. The 6500 had been available for some time, but I waited till they released a new SmartSDR that included Panafall, Tracking Notch Filters, Quick Recording and Playback. The 6000 is a vast improvement over the previous models, which put heavy demands on the computer, susceptible to RFI because of the Firewire connection, has virtually no distortion. It reproduces the audio in precisely. If you have a gravely voice as I sometimes do, and you have high end equilized for good high end, it will emphasize it and some non SDR hams will interpret it as distortion. The compressor is far superior to the previous models as it works more smoothly and is infinitely easier to set up.

Even though, the V1.2 release does not record to recoverable files, you can get the Audacity audio recorder and make a virtual connection to one of the many DAX channels, record, transmit and save to a file.

The connection between SmartSDR and the hardware is simply through your Ethernet LAN. I have not tested it with Wi-Fi for performance.

Hey, also, the VLF coverage has virtually no images and is completely usable. The previous Flex models filled the VLF frequencies with broadcast images.

The image below shows two of the four possible slices, but shortly after I received this, Flex released the 6300 with only two slices, which is much more affordable and is about the same price as the new price of the Flex-5000A.

K2JHV August 5, 2014

Left: Flex-6500, KPA500 Amplifer, Remote antenna switch
Right: Aphex 204, Altec 1592B, Behringer MC2200,
Behringer DEQ 2496, Behringer 9024, Icom 746PRO
Far Right: Icom R7000, JRC NRD525, Drake R4B

PowerSDR with Flex-3000

In March 2012, I received my Flex-3000 Sofware Defined Receiver. I first started to drool over this one year ago when I read a two part article in Monitoring Times Magazine. Meanwhile I was practicing model helicopteer flying skills on a flight simulator, which I started in October of 2010. Finally, at the end of 2011, I was decided where I wanted to go in 2012. As I continue to spend some of my time on the model Helis, I am happily "back Home" doing what I do best.

Screenshot of PowerSDR, tuned to PSK part of 20 meter band.


My old faithful Ten-Tec Omni-D has been relocated as an emergency rig. The RCA BTA-500R was sold and moved to the QTH of Neal Newman KA2CAF on 12/16/2002. Below was a picture of my shack when I installed tha BTA-500R. I used a Gates Dualux II console feeding into a Moseley TFL-280 Audio Limiter for 160m and a Gates "Statesman" audio limiter for future 75 meter operation. My Ten-Tec OMNI-D allows me to operate on SSB and CW.
Back to compactness.


The Shack that WAS.
I'm Downsizing. The shack now consists only of my Ten-Tec
Transceiver, Drake R8B and R7000 UHF/VHF with
now useless NTSC television adaptor.
Whole rig is contained in rack at left.

NEW - XT-1-A Transmitter moves from KW1I to WA2WHV!
About 5 years ago, I bought a book called "The Complete Shortwave
Listener's Handbook"
Fourth edition by Hank Bennett, David T. Hardy,
and Andrew Yoder, Pg 184. After browsing the amateur radio chapter
I saw picture of a ham standing next to a magnificent, old broadcast
transmitter that he had converted for ham radio use. There it stood
with its numerous meters and 4 powerful looking 833 tubes beautifully
displayed in a window. Actually Owning it did not enter my mind,
5 years later.

On July 10, 1998 I purchased an RCA BTA-500R from Jesse Carroll,
the owner of the former WERA 1590 AM in South Plainfield, NJ. The
station power was 1KW, but this was the backup transmitter.
Click here for an accounting of the events and progress in converting
this broadcast rig for ham radio use.

The license of WERA was bought out by WWRL which was a 5KW
station on 1600. WWRL now runs 25KW because of the shutdown
of WERA. (WWRL uses a Harris DX-25 transmitter)


As of December 16, 2002 it was purchased and moved to the QTH of
Neal Newman KA2CAF! Photo shows Neal and the transmitter
lying on its side on a U-Haul trailer just before leaving my driveway.
I hope to work him with my XT1A when we both get back on the air
on 160 meters. Visit the
new home of the BTA-500R.


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