Beverage antenna


Do you operate with Beverage antennas?
Are you unimpressed with the results?
Do you think that you are missing something?
If you are not using a K1FZ you are!

Beverage antenna notes

A Beverage antenna transformer, from Clark Electronics, is what you need to utilize your Beverage antenna to its full potential! These transformers are specifically designed for the needs of the Beverage antenna.  They are proven effective in their design and craftsmanship by stations all over the world in a variety of climates and conditions!

What is so special about our Beverage antenna transformers?

Both KB-1 and KB-2 models include:

  • High efficiency ferrite binocular transformers with isolated 50 or 75 ohm primary windings.
  • Low inter-winding capacitance for minimum common noise transfer.
  • Availability in BOG antenna and other configurations. (150 to 700 ohm antenna impedances)
  • Very Low VSWR with matched loads taylored for DXing on the low bands.
  • Transformers in attractive, rugged plastic project type boxes.
  • Stainless steel wing nut connections for Beverage wire(s) and ground connections.
  • 50 ohm SO-239, BNC, or 75 ohm F coax connectors.
  • Individually calibrated units to eliminate variations found in mass production.
  • Use of adequate core size to prevent saturation from adjacent local stations.

The KB-1 Beverage Antenna Transformer

KB-1    ($60.00 with BN-202-73 core* plus shipping)

      A 450 ohm single wire Beverage transformer uses a binocular ferrite wound core and has a low VSWR into matched loads. Also available for 150 to 700 ohm antenna impedances.      Available in low impedance for your BOG antenna.

The KB-2 Beverage Antenna Transformer

KB-2   ($120.00* plus shipping)     Combination price KB-2, KB-3 $150.00* plus shipping.

The KB-2 uses custom winding for best impedance match possible!
Available in lower BOG impedances

Designed to match your Beverage wire size, wire spacing, and height above earth.

Features of the KB-2:

  • Dual direction two wire Beverage transformer has high efficiency.
  • Available 150 to 700 ohm antenna impedances for the antenna wire that is best for your QTH and pocketbook.
  • This system is designed to work with two wire Beverage antennas.
  • T1 binocular wound winding is accurately center tapped for optimum isolation between the two directions.(The output is wound for 50 or 75 ohms and electrically isolated.)
  • T2 uses a binocular wound input winding and a electrically isolated 50 or 75 ohm output winding.
  • A two wire Beverage sketch is enclosed with each transformer.
  • Two   SO-239, BNC, or F connectors for coaxial lines to your radio. Termination of the un-used coax is not necessary for good results.
  • Two wire switchable Beverages are described in popular antenna books.
  • For more information check out the "Beverage antenna notes" link on this page.


KB-3 End Termination Transformer !!

The new KB-3 End Termination transformer

  • For use with all two wire, two direction Beverage antennas!
  • Wound to the impedance of your antenna for maximum signal recovery.
  • The same quality construction as found in the KB-1 & KB-2.
  • Transformers are housed in attractive, rugged plastic project type boxes.
  • Wing nut connections for Beverage wires and ground connection.
  • Rust proof hardware (stainless steel).
  • Designed to maximize your front to back gain !

All models are developed and produced in Belfast, Maine, USA.
 * (Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping.)

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