Brady Palmquist
Savage, MN
Email K0UC

Welcome to my world of Motorola, Drake, Yaesu and Kenwood!

Former calls: WN0VFW, WB0VFW, W0BGP, AB0PS

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This may well be the longest running web page I've had on the 'net. Updated 5/2010

My ham radio interests:

Any antennas...HF/VHF/UHF
Anything to do with 6 meters!
Older gear: Drake TR-7,C-Line twins,Yaesu FT-221R (have 2!),Kenwood TS-690S (I guess that almost counts as old gear now).
When I need just one rig to cover it all, I use my Yaesu FT-897
Motorola gear: Syntor X9000(UHF),Maxtracs, HT1000, GP300, etc. Mostly UHF.
Kenwood TK-730G VHF is paired with the Syntor in the truck to give me full dual-band old school
Yaesu FT-7800 is my tool of choice for a modern small dual band rig
Yaesu FT-50 is my HT of choice to cover all scenarios when the Moto HTs are a bit inflexible for my needs.
I don't care about DX...unless it's above 50 MHz.
Low power rules!
Field day and November SS are fun.
Getting back into CW...slowly but surely.
Enjoy building kits and fixing old gear.
Would like to set up remote controlled station at my parents' farm...far away from city noise and RFI potential.