Rick's NE 4Ø4Ø Qrp Rig

Here are some pictures of my NE 4Ø4Ø.This rig was designed by Dave Benson, NN1G as a New England QRP Club project and is now marketed by Dave's firm, Small Wonder Labs.

This is a shot of the inside of the rig. I put it in the smallest case I could find because I wanted to use this rig when I go backpacking. It still needs a few other things to operate of course. The rig puts out about 1.5 watts with a fully charged 12 volt battery. So far I haven't included a keyer, so I still have to use a straight key with it.


Here is a picture of the rig with the "stuff" you need to operate it. The one thing missing is the antenna. I usually just use a good old half-wave dipole since this is a single band 40 meter rig. The battery pack here is 9 cells, to pump up the voltage a bit. It does make a difference in the power out. A good set of headphones helps out on receive as the audio is just a bit low.

 This whole thing can be put in a pretty small case as you can see here. The only thing I haven't managed to get in there is the antenna. In addition to the rig, there is the battery pack, two sets of headphones, and the straight key.

 Yep, there is a blank space here. When I get a good picture, I will show one of me operating this little gem in the wild.



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