My Other Favorite Toys From "Now & Then"

My 1978 18 foot Mark Twain Boat at my home QTH in Overland, MO 1978

Paul's Boat

The day I bought it. It sure was a beauty. I customized it with a built-in AM-FM/CB radio and a power antenna.

I also installed a Regency 6 meter FM rig with a blue trim line touch-tone phone for the repeater auto patch.

It was the cats meow.

My 1968 restored Corvette in 1982

Paul and his 1968 Corvette

Me and Rich Riley "WAZPD" restored this corvette in 1983. It looked and drove great.

Will Johnson "WLKT" bought it from me in 1984. I needed the money to build a commercial radio tower.

The car sure was more fun than building the radio tower.

My 1986 Honda 25 Rebel in 1994

Paul and his 1986 Honda

I have had this bike since 1987, purchased new. It has never given a bit of trouble or leaked a drop of oil.

I sold it in August 1999, and purchased a new Suzuki 8 Intruder.

My 1970 Cessna 15K "N5913G" 1987


The day I picked it up from the paint shop in Mena, AR. It sure looked good. I had a nice flight back home to Fenton, MO, in that bright shiny plane.

My new 1999 Suzuki Intruder 8 in front of my home QTH in Valley Park, MO 1999

Suzuki Intruder 800

I really love my new Suzuki 8 Intruder, It is a beautiful bike to look at and to ride.

I purchased it in August of 1999.

The first thing I did was to purchase and install a Memphis Shades Demon, model MEM-9902, Windshield, and the factory Case Guard.

The wind shield is fantastic.

Me and my Suzuki Intruder 8 at Spirit Airport. 1999

Spirit Airport

Both of the aircraft in the background belong to Keith Baker "KBCAV".

Keith flies the T17 in air shows with the confederate air force.

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