My Early Model Aircraft

My First RC in 1956

First R/C

I didn't build the bi-plane, it was purchased with tip money from Steak n' Shake when I was 15 years old.

The radio was a Babcock single channel tube unit on 27.255 mhz. I rebuilt the transmitter into a larger cabinet with a longer 1/4 wave antenna, and it would sit on the ground, and was controlled with a single control button on a long cord.

The reason was to get better range, and accommodate some cheaper larger batteries. This was my first taste of radio. It sparked my interest in ham radio, and I went on to get my ham license.

The radio control unit was later modified for AM voice modulation and my buddy, Rich Fitzmourice "KRWW", and myself would communicate between our houses with it and a Army surplus AN-TBY-7 radio.

We were on the class D, CB band "Ch.23", before it was one. No one was on it back then. At that time the band was dormant, removed from the old 11 meter ham band. After we received our ham licenses we used the 6 meter ham band for communications.

The First R/C in Korea 1959

Korea R/C

In Korea, I renewed my model airplane activities. Nothing else exciting to do in the evenings, and weekends.

This plane was not a kit. This plane was built from bulk balsa. It turned out better than I expected, and as far as I know, I was the first to fly a R/C in Korea.

There was a big model airplane meet, and contest, in Soul where I flew this plane. Back then it was a simple rudder only type control but you could sort of loop the plane.

Our Army Camp Craft Shop

Korea Craft Shop

While in Korea, In the summer of 1959, I took a part time evening job, running the base craft shop. This extra money helped to pay for my model flying activities.

All of these black and white pictures were developed by me, at this shop. I built the R/C and U-control Smoothie airplanes here. I also started a MARS station in this shop with some surplus equipment I obtained from the Air Force.

My U-Control Smoothie in Korea 1959


I had learned u-control flying back in the early fifties as a teenager, so my model flying in Korea was easy and fun. This airplane turned out beautiful.

When I left Korea, I cut the wings off of this plane in order to sent it home. I never got to fly it again because I gave it away to a kid in Philadelphia.

A Friends R/C flying on U-Control in Korea

St. Nasara

This guy was my section chief at work. His name is Sgt. Nasara. He was interested in models but he had no prior experience.

My flying skills allowed me to help him and many others to learn to fly.

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