Some of my Ham Radio Friends

Tom Fischell "KPJG" on my ham radio tower in 1978

Tom on Paul's Tower

Tom likes to climb towers. This was a 56 footer in my back yard. Good Gosh, I had too many antennas.

Tom Fischell "KPJG" and his QRP solar power rig

Tom and his QRP Rig

Tom lives in North Carolina. He loves to operate with sun power. He is also a avid CW operator and lifetime member of the ARRL.

George Marts "W9TDH" and Tom's QRP rig

George and the QRP Rig

George and Tom are best friends. George lives in St. Louis and is also a lifetime member of the ARRL.

George and Tom have a sked on 4 meters CW (783) ,Tuesday Through Friday mornings at 12:z.

John Henninger "WA2VHX"

John Henninger

John Henninger lives in upstate New York. I contacted him, back in the early 196's, on 6 meters AM, while I was stationed there with the Army.

John and I make late night skeds on 4 meters LSB, around 7236, at least once a week.

Ev Clark "WASCK" (Silent Key) and Rick Harvey "WBIER"

Ev Clark & Rick Harvey

Evert Clark (on the left) left us in the middle Eighties. He was an really nice guy. Ev would alway be there when you needed help with a radio project. He has been missed very much. He would have loved the Internet.

This picture was taken at the Dayton Ham Fest in 1975. Rick is also a very helpful guy. Rick isn't active in Ham Radio anymore.

Joe Murphy "WDDHR" (Silent Key)

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy became a ham late in life. He used to say he is the oldest living novice. He was a funny man. Everyone loved him. He loved radio, it was tragic that he had to leave us so soon, and he would have loved the internet.

Paul "PJ" Jones "WAKNI" (Silent Key)

Paul (PJ) Jones

Paul or "PJ", as he liked to be known as, at the Washington Ham Fest, some time in the late seventies. PJ loved to operate on our Six Meter Repeater. We had many of our club picnics on his farm. Everyone like PJ, he has been missed.

Stu Barfield "WIGU" (Silent Key)

Stu Barfield

Stu Barfield and his daughter Lisa at one of the Six Meter Repeater Club picnics. Stu owned and operated Gateway Electronics. Stu enjoyed our six meter FM repeater system, and was an active member of the club.

Stu is no longer with us, he will be missed by many, he was a very likeable fellow. Lisa now owns and operates Gateway.

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