My Early Ham Equipment

My First 6 Meter Radio Station in 1958

Paul's first 6 meter rig

My parents house in Wright City, Missouri

Set up with a Gonset Communicator, I could work most of the stations in St. Louis which was some 5 miles away.

I joined the Army shortly after getting the ham radio station setup.

Six Meter mobile in 1954 Ford

Paul's first 6 meter mobile

Notice the Horizontal and Vertical antennas. I was ready to work mobiles and stations.

When keyed up, the dynamotor power supply would lower the 6 volt battery system, the engine would slow down and the lights would dim.

It was magical. The single frequency Home brew 6146 transmitter would put out 6 watts, AM plate modulated.

Six Meter Rig in 1961

Paul's 6 mt. Rig

This was a good arrangement. I used a Latine 6 meter transmitter, and a Ameco 6 meter mobile converter connected to an old console radio.

It worked quite well and had excellent audio. I Worked a lot of stations in the Philadelphia, PA area while I was stationed there in the Army.

Home Brew 6 Meter Rig in 1962

Paul's Home Brew

Located in Upstate New York, I built this station. My first adventure into building a 6 meter superhet receiver.

Notice the separate power supply for it. The transmitter is sitting on it. The receiver drifted badly.

My Ham station in 1964

Paul's Ham Rig

A new home brew 6146 transmitter, and a new Gonset tunable converter on an the old AM radio removed from the wooden cabinet.

This arrangement worked quite well, but with no AVC, if a mobile got near it was overload city.

Wow What Good Stuff, Hi Hi

Paul's Ham Rig

Notice the Lafayette 6 meter mobile rig. At that time a fantastic 6 meter radio. They made a VFO for it, but I never got one.

I was still rock bound in the early 6's.

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