My Flying Friends

Rich Riley "WAZPD" and his Cessna 182 "N2153"

Rich Riley and N2153Ø

Rich Riley is my closest friend. We went to school together, and we have been friends all our lives. Rich is also a pilot and aircraft owner.

This airplane was totally destroyed in a night time emergency landing with Rich Peterson as pilot. Four people on board and no one was injured.

Rich Riley has since purchased a replacement Cessna 182. Rich limits his ham radio activities to 44 repeater operation.

Rich lives near me and we see each other quite often.

Will Johnson "WALKT" and his Cessna 26 "N756ZV" with my daughter Kris

Will Johnson, Kris and N768ZV

I met Will in the mid 197's. He was the first pilot to give me a small airplane ride, and starting me on the road to becoming a pilot.

This picture was taken upon our return flight from New Jersey to bring my daughter Kris to St. Louis for a visit.

Will had a good job with Westinghouse, and he gave that up to move to Alaska to become a bush pilot. He loves it up there and says he plans to stay. He has a ham station in Alaska, and he also operates aeronautical mobile ham radio. Will has recently changed his call sign to "KL7LK".

Al Williams "WBLCS" and his Piper Cherokee 18 "N4784L"

Al Williams and N4784L

I met Al Williams at Buder park model flying field. He started taking flying lessons at Weiss Airport, and talked me into joining him.

Al was a month ahead of me. We flew to many airports, and had many hours of fun together during our pilot training.

Keith Baker "KBCAV" and his Piper Comanche "N333KB"

Keith Baker and N333KB

I met Keith Baker at Buder park, model flying field. We had many fun filled hours of flying model airplanes at Buder.

We also flew private aircraft to many airports, close and far away from Weiss airport, our home airport in Fenton, MO.

Bijou Gangally during training at Weiss airport

Bijou at Weiss

Bijou Gangally is from India. He lived in New York, and went to work for a short time here in the St. Louis area.

While here he became interested in flying, and started taking lessons at Weiss airport. He loved to talk to me and Al, and learn of our experiences. He also loved to fly in our planes, Hi Hi.

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