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My Cessna 15K N5913G at Weiss Airport in 199

Paul and N5913G

One of the many great flying days at Weiss Airport. The airport was located in Fenton, MO which is in St. Louis County, some 12 miles southwest of St. Louis, MO

St. Charles County Airport 199

Paul and N5913G w/B25

St. Charles County Airport, or Smart Field, is located 5 miles north of Lambert International.

This airport is home to the restored Confederate Air force bomber B-25 you see in the background. They had a great little Quonset Hut restaurant for chili and hamburgers.

My Cessna 15ØK N5913G at Weiss Airport in 1992

Paul and N5913G

Again, another great day for flying. Weiss was always fun to fly out of, or if not just to fly around the pattern.

N5913G Instrument Panel

N5913G Instruments

This little Cessna is a fully instrument rated airplane and has been flown in thunderstorms.

Electronics to include, Glide Slope, DME, ADF, Marker Beacon and Loran-C.

The instrument panel includes connectors to plug in several portable radios, one of which was my FT-53 ham portable.

Switching between the aircraft radio, and ham radio, was a breeze. Using noise canceling head sets most of my contacts never would have known I was aeronautical mobile.

Working 2 meters, and 44 mhz, aeronautical was great fun. With 5 watts at 7 feet I could work the whole state on 146.52 simplex.

Landing at Weiss Airport 1994

Paul Landing

Weiss was a great gathering place for all the west and south county pilots.

What you see here is all gone now, and replaced with buildings, to make room for "PROGRESS". Weiss Airport is missed by many.

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