Dale Moore - KQT
QTH - Springfield, MO.

First licensed in 1972 as WNIUG.  Have also held call signs KBHPM and NMXG. My station presently consists of a Yaesu FT-99.  My primary HF antenna is a Cushcraft R-7.  I use a dipole for 75-80 meters.  I mostly hang out on the CW portion of 40 and 20.  I enjoy rag-chewing on 15 and 17 meters.  

I am a member of ARRL. In real life,  I am in my 26th year at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.  I am Director of University Support Services.  I am also an adjunct Professor in the Department of Communications and Mass Media.  Prior to MSU, I worked in broadcasting from 1966 to 1983.


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