What do others say about Jim?

Jim(KØPXY) was a friend. In 1958 when I moved from Western Nebraska to Central Nebraska, I had my first license, conditional in hand. Jim helped me set up my Dx4Ø and SX 96 Hallicrafters receiver. My first on air contact was with Jim who lived 6 blocks away. I worked with him in the Ford Garage in Cozad for a couple of years. He was a master at putting everything electronic and mechanical together. He remained a friend and when I moved to Ohio, he was a contact, always there at the scheduled time. When I later moved back to Cozad for a couple of years, we used to go down and drink coffee with him or he would visit me. He was a builder, antenna's of various kinds and if he saw something he wanted to build, his basement was always full of parts. In California when I moved there we lost track for several years and then made Monday morning contacts for several years. He loved Ham radio and was a ham's ham, helping all who needed it. He was responsible for the 2 meter repeater in central Nebr, along with the social side in organizing a club. In the 50's and 60's we made many trips in the summer time, to have a time with WØUWN and KØEGZ down in southern Nebr or northern Kansas. Jim was always there. This page organized by WØOSK is a great tribute to a fine amateur. Ed McSpadden, WØNOB

Jim Dorsey was a fine gent and I had many enjoyable QSOs with him back in my teenage years.

I will not be able to attend the services but will reserve a place in my memory cells for the guy with the terrible Brooklyn accent who was probably the most phenomenal checker player I ever encountered on the air.

He will be missed.

Steve Meyer, KØMZV

Hi Ron; Thanks for the news about Jim, sure sorry to hear he's gone.. He's a guy that leaves an impression on all he meets..73 ... el..

It didn't hit me 'hard' about Jim until I saw his picture on the page and started to remember all the things that he had done for me. I simply must renew my 'ham' radio friendships. Timothy.

I knew Jim for many years as a fellow ham especially on Packet. We would always work packet when ever we got the chance ether in real-time or with mail. At that time I was living in North Platte working at the TV station. We would work each other thru the Digi at North Platte or sometimes direct if conditions would allow. When I started working for KRVN and moved to Cozad he really got excited about working packet. By this time I had obtained my General license and he would encourage me to go further. He would call the house just to talk or ask a computer question. My wife and kids always knew that it was Jim by the rich Brooklyn accent. I recall spending one Saturday with him repairing a coax that fed his dipole, it had become victom to the lawn mower. We sure had a great laugh and I will cherish that day forever. Jim was always heard on 146.850 calling Bob right at noon like clockwork, if he wasn't heard a call was made to his house to make sure he hadn't been napping! I will miss him as will everyone else and he will always remain the ham from "Brooklyn" to me.
Mark - NØVUB