The Kansas-Nebraska Radio Club

NCKRC Meeting - Thursday January 10, 2002
Courthouse Meeting Room

Begin gathering at 19:00 CST for the meeting to begin no earlier than 19:30.  The Cloud County Courthouse is located just south of the
downtown area and the meeting room is in the basement of the courthouse.

Minutes of the NCKRC Meeting
Sunday December 16, 2001

Our annual Christmas party was held December 16 at the Herrman House south of Scandia.  Hostess for the event was the President Howard
Herrman, KC0CXM.  We had a delicious meal and tours through the house after we ate.  There was forty-nine in attendance. A big thank-you to
everyone for coming out.  It was alot of fun.

No regular meeting was held.

Programs for the following months are as follows:
    Jan - Message Handling by Arlan Campbell W0NBT
    Feb - Antennas by Ed Pick W0BBM
    March - L-C-R by Wendell Wilson W0TQ

Newsletter editor: KNRC Sec. Paula Herrman, KC0FWT


KNRC-NKCRC Finance Report
November 2001

Balance KNRC - November 1, 2001                                                    297.53
    Receipts:   Dues X 8 2/3                    130.00                                     427.53
    Disbursements:  Newsletter postage                        10.88
                             Gas for field day                            18.00
                             Total                                              28.88                
Balance KNRC - November 30, 201                                                    398.65


Balance NCKRC - November 1, 2001                                                 363.70
    Receipts:  Dues X 5                            75.00                                      438.70
    Disbursements:  NCK Electric - repeater power       21.63
Balance NCKRC - November 30, 2001                                                417.07

Total in bank:  $815.72

Marilyn L. Harwood, KA0UAR

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