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K0KP Radio Shack

Here's the K0KP shack! The main HF-VHF rig is an Icom 746, a Yaesu FT301D serves as backup. For six meters RF can also be generated using the old Yaesu as an exciter operating on 20 meters driving a Ten Tec 1208 transverter. The combo then feeds a homebrew 100 W brick amplifier, built around a Motorola MRF 492 VHF transistor. The amp is in the middle of the top shelf.

While brass pounding CW (hey!...gotta love it!) I favor the Vibroplex Iambic paddle. I use the paddle with a homebrew K10 PIC memory keyer. The keyer is in the middle of the mid shelf. I'm quite proud of the engraved "Presentation" Vibroplex Bug I won in a high speed CW contest held in Nebraska in 1980. That prized possession, enclosed in a Ziplock bag, is located on the mid shelf just below the lamp. The green box on the right of the desk is a mint Heathkit SB220 kilowatt-plus HF amplifier I put together in 1972.

QRPp rigs include a homebrew Tuna Tin 2 which outputs 250 Milliwatts, and homebrew Little Joe I adapted for QSK and crystal QSY. Another fun QRPp rig is a 40 meter Rock Mite. Best DX with the Tuna Tin is a 40 meter QSO to France. My Tuna Tin WAS stats are 35 states worked. Not bad for a quarter of a watt rig! The Little Joe sports one full watt RF output for use when conditions are poor. The receiver for QRP work is a fully restored Heathkit SB303. This late 1960's boatanchor looks and operates like brand new. It's the green box on the mid shelf to the left.

I have a number of other boatanchors I've restored over the years. Not shown are a prized 1960's novice rig; the Heathkit DX60B transmitter, HR10 receiver, and the matching HG10 VFO. These rigs, especially the DX60B, look like they just came out of the Heathkit box from Benton Harbor! Other prized restorations include a Swan 350 1960's tube SSB transceiver, Johnson Viking II AM and CW rig from the early 1950's, and a Heathkit DX35 from about 1955. There are several other boatanchors in the closet waiting their turn to be revitalized.

The antenna for HF is a 200 foot long Windom fed with 450 ohm ladder line. The Windom is basically a long dipole fed off-center, about one-third from an end insulator. The Windom's support masts are homebrew, made from two by fours, featuring tilt-over bases set in concrete. This nifty wire antenna does a wonderful job on all bands 80 through 10. The antenna has helped net 291 DXCC entities confirmed, 299 worked, with DXCC worked on all bands 80 through 10 including WARC. Not bad for a wire antenna. And hey, if I can work all this DX with such a modest skyhook you can too!

The six meter antenna is a three element Cushcraft yagi at 32 feet. The antenna is perched on a homebrew wooden tower made from two by four and four by four lumber. The wooden tower has a tilt-over base which allows the entire structure and antenna to come to the ground for maintenance. The yagi is rotated with a cheap home entertainment TV rotator. Since it was installed in the summer of 2000, the little yagi has netted 45 VHF DXCC entities worked, and helped earn the Worked All States award for Six Meters number 1088! In the fall of 2002 the six meter antenna farm was enlarged to include a seven element M2 long-boom yagi at 68 feet. The larger antenna is mounted on top of a 65 foot crank up tower, and is fed with 7/8 inch hardline.

See Rex's Shack Back In 1972!

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