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Hi! This is Rex Greenwell - K0KP. This photo was taken in 1974 at the age of 23. Back then I had advanced in my radio career to the position of Chief Engineer of radio station KLO - 1430 KHZ (AM) in Ogden, Utah. In the picture I was was taking field strength measurements of the radiated field of the station's directional antenna. The QTH was somewhere near Hooper, Utah.

The FCC wanted numerous antenna patten RF signal measurements and photos of the sites where those measurements were taken to be included in KLO's license application for a new directional antenna system. KLO's 5 kilowatt transmitter was fed into the directional array to beam the signal north across the Salt Lake Valley at an ERP of about 30 kilowatts. This photo has survived the years,...OK decades. KLO is a radio pioneer that began broadcasting in 1924. The instrument in the photo was a Nems Clarke field strength meter.

Hey!...what 23 year old ham radio operator wouldn't have been proud to be the Chief Engineer of a station like KLO? Not to mention all the goodies, a 5 kilowatt transmitter, a 1 kilowatt backup transmitter, three towers, diesel backup power generator, a studio built in a hardened fallout shelter for emergency use, two studios, and tons of other nifty stuff! It was ham "hawg heaven!" Gosh, how I wish I could go back there again.

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