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"the Little Beacon that Could!" K0KP/B 10 Meter QRPp Beacon

Here is the homebrew K0KP 500 Milliwatt Ten Meter Beacon. The beacon is located at the K0KP shack in Fredenberg, Minnesota, USA at Maidenhead grid square EN36VW. The QTH is located 20 Kilometers NW of Duluth, Minnesota in St. Louis County.

The beacon is built around the Universal QRP transmitter designed by Wes Hayward - W7ZOI. I have also built a Universal QRP Transmitter for 40 meters which also works very well. The miniature beacon includes a built in surface mount Tick 3 keyer operating in beacon mode, regulated power supplies at 13.8 volts for the transmitter, and 5 volts for the keyer. I incorporated a VXO circuit that swings the crystal oscillator 15 kilohertz about the crystal frequency. The 9 volt battery seen on top of the chassis provides backup power for the keyer's memory in the event of a power outage.

The transmit antenna is a half wave vetical with elevated ground plane radials at 35 feet above ground. I have received reception reports from around the world.

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