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Fishing Beautiful Fish Lake
Fishing at Dusk

This is a photo taken in front of K0KP's QTH at dusk. Fish Lake is a beautiful 3400 reservoir located in Fredenberg Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota, 20 kilometers Northwest of Duluth, Minnesota, USA. The lake is 13 kilometers in length, and has an average depth of 5 meters.

Fish Lake Walleye!
        Fish Lake Walleye!

Fish Lake has been rated within the top ten Walleye fisheries in the State of Minnesota. Because of the lake's diversity, featuring tens of kilometers of varied shoreline, inlets, bays, islands, sunken reefs, and tons of other fish habitat, one could spend a lifetime fishing here and never become bored. For crying out loud!...Life doesn't get any better than this!

Steam Rises Off Fish Lake on a Cool Fishing Morning

The Walleye is the Minnesota State fish and is by far the most popular, abundant game fish in Fish Lake. The scientific name for the Walleye is stizostedion vitreum. It is a medium-sized fish that has big, marble-like eyes, and a white spot on the lower tip of its tail. The name Walleye refers to the fish's large, glassy pupils. The inner part of the eye reflects light, allowing the fish to see in dark or murky water. Everyone loves to eat Walleyes as they have excellent eating qualities and are very mild in flavor. Other game fish species found at Fish Lake include; huge Black Crappies, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Perch, and various other Sunfish.

K0KP's Fishing Photos....

Super Stringer!
Whoa! A Six-Plus Pounder
A Boy's Dream Fish!
K0KP's Nine Pound Winter Ice Fishing Catch

Where is Fish Lake located and what does it look like?.....

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Fish Lake Seen From The Air
3-D View of Fish Lake

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