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Aurora at Fredenberg, MN USA
Aurora Seen at Fredenberg Nov 2001

Welcome to Fredenberg Township, Minnesota, USA!
This is where Amateur Radio Station K0KP calls home.

Find Fredenberg, MN USA

Fredenberg has a population of about 1,000 persons residing year around, but grows to 3,500 during the summer vacation season. It is believed that Fredenberg may have the distinction of having more waterfront shoreland than any other town in Minnesota. That's a lot of waterfront considering Minnesota is famous for it's 10,000 lakes! Fredenberg's two largest lakes include K0KP's home Fish Lake, which is 3400 acres in size, and Island Lake at 7300 acres.

Many smaller lakes are located in Fredenberg, a few include; Clearwater, Deepwater, Hunter, Cook, and Apple. Many of the lakes are interconnected with with the pristine Cloquet and Beaver rivers which are headwaters of the St. Louis River that eventually empties into Lake Superior. But first, about forty miles downstream, Fredenberg's water passes through the turbines of the Minnesota Power electrical generators.

Fredenberg : Recreation Paradise!

Fredenberg's waters are very productive. The lakes and rivers in Fredenberg are some of Minnesota's most prime fisheries! Over the years Fish Lake has been rated in the top ten Walleye fisheries in Minnesota!

As you can imagine, Fredenberg is a recreation paradise. You name it; if it's the "North Woods" experience you crave, Fredenberg's got it! Prime fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking, and camping abound. In the fall, enjoy the splendid view of the many birch, maple, and poplar trees as the leaves change color, the view is awesome! Fredenberg's no slouch in the winter either. During the cold season you'll find unsurpassed snowmobiling, ice fishing, and cross country skiing. Visit a "shanty village," comprised of numerous ice fishing shacks grouped together over an area of the lake where fish are known to bite. Every winter a large shanty village assembles along the "High Banks" area of Fish Lake, a popular spot for catching Crappie and Walleye. Perhaps, while on a frozen Fredenberg lake, you may be lucky enough to catch sight a sled dog team in training for a major race such as the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.

And the night sky? The Milky Way is so big and bright, and the stars, you won't believe! The night sky in Fredenberg, void of light pollution, is breath taking! Imagine counting the numerous satellites visible as they pass overhead each night. If you're lucky, you might catch the guest appearance of the Northern Lights, a treat so spectacular!

The Big Lakes Pull Double Duty!

In addition to providing great fishing and recreation, Fish and Island lakes hold reserve water for generating electricity downstream at the Minnesota Power St. Louis River Hydroelectric Project. The hydro project is overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - FERC. Minnesota Power has struck a model balance between the natural environment, recreational opportunities including fishing, boating, and camping, and the generation of renewable, low-cost hydro power.

Visit Fredenberg!

Many from around the USA spend their vacation in Fredenberg. This is the place, God's little gift of heaven right here on Earth! Why not consider spending some time in Fredenberg? The resorts, campgrounds, and numerous lakes beckon.

Fredenberg is also home to two amateur radio operators; K0KP (of course), and my good friend John, KC0HJO. John also lives on Fish Lake and is very active on six meters. In addition to recreation, Fredenberg is Ham Radio Heaven, with plenty of real estate and few restrictions.

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