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Working DX! It's Amateur Radio!

The DX Thrill!

I haven't lost the thrill first experienced at a very young age experimenting with an AM or short-wave radio and discovering distant stations could sometimes be heard. Yet today working DX still rekindles the awe and wonder of the "Mysteries of Radio." Toss in the thrill of the chase, a measure of competition in the pileup, and you have the makings for one of the most a popular and rewarding aspects of Amateur Radio!

No Sir! You Don't Have to be a Big Gun

A common misconception is that working DX requires a huge investment in radio equipment, tower, and a large (expensive) yagi antenna. Truthfully, such a well-equipped station has an advantage no doubt, but that doesn't leave the rest of us out of the DX game by a long shot. Believe me, there is plenty of DX to go around, and yes sir, a modest station indeed can "bust" a pileup! Take heart, jump in and work the DX. Don't be intimidated one bit. With what is surely a modest skyhook consisting of a Windom wire antenna; which is basically a dipole fed off-center with ladder line, I've managed to work 299 entities with 291 confirmed. How about 52 entities on 6 meters most wroked with a small 3 element VHF yagi at 33 feet? Yes, and some of it done on six meters with just 8 watts PEP QRP! Oh, and how about 6 Meters Worked All States (WAS) number 1088 earned in just over a year, with many QSOs worked at 8 Watts QRP? Yes! And you can do it too!

K0KP's DXCC Entities Worked
K0KP's 6 Meter DXCC Entities Worked

It Takes Confidence and Patience

There is plenty of DX just waiting for a typical 100-watt transceiver hooked to a multiband vertical or dipole. Working DX is sort of like fishing, first the hook has got to be in the water to get a bite. Same for DX, you've got to make the calls to snag the rare ones. Be persistent, patient, listen much, and don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the big guns. Be confident, set aside right now any thoughts of inferiority, jump in, and you'll be amazed to see your "entities worked" tally climb. Oh...yes you can!

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