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"What Hath God Wrought?"....Samuel FB Morse

Samuel FB Morse

You may have heard that CW is a disappearing mode. Do not believe it. Based on my 36 plus years as an amateur operator, I can tell you that CW is alive and well. In fact, the CW bands are more crowded than ever. Perhaps you have noticed that the major DX-Peditions concentrate their efforts on CW? This is because CW is by far the most efficient of the on-air modes.

I'm not picking fault with the other modes, there are many times I operate SSB, WSJT, and PSK. However, the idea that CW is disappearing from ham radio is wishful fantasy. It's trotted out by those unwilling to invest the effort to learn. If they wanted to be Ham opertors bad enough, they would invest the effort to learn it. The idea of the demise of CW is being pushed by the no coders. You know who they are, the old 11 meter crowd. Yup, they are wrong. It's sad that they will miss a great part of the richness of ham radio. It's sad that Ham Radio is being "dumbed down."

"CAP"...The Code-A-Phobe

How 'bout it?...don't be a "No Code" a "Know Code!"...CW; it's in, it's digital, it's hot, it rocks, and It Rules!

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