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Bio: Amateur Radio - Rex Greenwell K0KP

Rex was first licensed in May 1966 as Novice WN7FKT, a young teenager in Utah. Then the Novice was good for one year, non-renewable, and only one per lifetime. Upon upgrade to General the call became WA7FKT. Soon the upgrade was made to Advanced. The Extra ticket had to wait as at the time there was a mandatory requirement to hold a General or Advanced for four years before the Extra test could even be taken! The Extra was obtained in 1978 upon passing the 20 WPM code and theory tests, which, at the time, were taken before an official FCC field engineer. Another old call was WB0VFM used in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1975 to 1978. The present call, K0KP, was assigned in 1978.

Rex was elected ARRL Section Communications Manager (SCM) for the Nebraska Section, and served at this post until moving to Minnesota in 1980. Rex also served as an ARRL Official Observer (OO) and Assistant Director of the Midwest Division. Interests include high speed CW on HF, SSB and CW on 6 meters, QRP, beacons, and building gear. Rex is a Life Member of the ARRL, a member of the FISTS CW Club, The Six Club, SMIRK, QRP-ARCI, and the MN QRP Society. Rex holds an FCC lifetime Extra Class Operator License, number AE-17-811, issued in Kansas City, MO and signed by Field Bureau Chief Engineer James Crowell, Issuing Officer, and countersigned by William Tricarico, Secretary of the FCC.

Rex is married to Karen, KA0DMH, who holds a Tech Plus ticket.

Bio: Professional - Rex Greenwell K0KP

For 22 years Rex has been the Director of Engineering and Operations for WDSE-TV CH 8, a full power VHF TV station, and WDSE-DT CH 38, a full power UHF Digital TV station. Right now, WDSE-DT is in the process of being constructed. The other "shack" sports two 55 KW transmitters, a 12 ton VHF / UHF stack array top mounted on an 800 foot tower in the Duluth "Antenna Farm." From 1975 to 1980 Rex was employed as an engineer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Before that, Rex served as Chief Engineer for KLO (AM) radio, 1430 Khz, in Ogden, Utah, during AM radio's hey-day period. (KLO is a Regional AM station operating at 5 KW, and, at the time, utilized a three tower directional array beaming North across the Salt Lake Valley. KLO is a radio pioneer that began operation in 1924.)

Rex holds an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License with Radar endorsement, certification as a Senior Broadcast Engineer issued by the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and is a Certified Communications Technician issued by the Personal Communications Industry Association. Rex has authored FCC Construction Permit applications for new TV Broadcast facilites that have been acted upon favorably by the FCC. Engineering and electronics course work was taken at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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