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"America's Aurora Beacon"
50.073 MHZ   100 WATTS   GRID EN36WT
Duluth, Minnesota USA
K0KP : 6 M America's Aurora Beacon

K0KP/B Six Meters operates on 50.073 MHZ at the maximum legal US power of 100 watts. The Maidenhead grid square is EN36WT. Due to the beacon's far northerly latitude and high power, the beacon has proven itself to be an excellent indicator of Auroral propagation. The beacon also serves as an indicator of international F2 openings, ES skip, and other anomalous VHF propagation.

When a radio signal is reflected off the Aurora, it becomes modulated by the Aurora's fast moving electron jet. The doppler effect caused by this broadens the signal's bandwidth and the CW note becomes raspy. If you've never heard a radio signal that has gone "auroral," be sure to check out the audio links below.

K0KP : 6 M America's Aurora Beacon

The beacon is located at the WDSE TV / DTV broadcast tower in the Duluth, Minnesota Antenna Farm. The Antenna Farm is specifically zoned to accommodate towers used by broadcast, cellular, paging, and other RF communications services. The site is on a 600-foot hill overlooking Lake Superior.

The beacon's antenna is a horizontally polarized, omni directional Delta Loop at 50 feet above ground. The antenna "Height Above Average Terrain" - HAAT, is 550 feet when looking across Lake Superior toward Canada, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The beacon transmitter consists of a homebrew crystal controlled RF exciter driving a TE Systems 0510G amplifier. This powerhouse beacon has been heard around the world.

Take a peek at the hardware with these links....

Listen to K0KP/B Six Meters with these links....

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