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Winding through the scenic Cedar Valley is a 60-mile trail system connecting two unique cities – Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Waterloo is home of the five Sullivan brothers who died together in World War II, and Olympic wrestler Dan Gable. Cedar Falls hales renowned author Robert Waller (Bridges of Madison County) and celebrated artist and illustrator Gary Kelly, and was recently recognized as one of the best small art towns in America.

The highly regarded University of Northern Iowa is located in Cedar Falls. Its sporting, cultural and intellectual opportunities bring the Cedar Valley a stream of activities and opportunities for visitors to our communities. Historical sites including the Ice House Museum, listed on the National Register of Historical places, celebrate Cedar Falls’ rich history.

In Waterloo, you will find four John Deere tractor factories available for tour, and the largest Haitian art collection in the United States at the Waterloo Museum of Art. Last year, Golf digest Magazine named Waterloo the "Best Place for golf in Iowa - #4 in the Nation".

The adjoining cities located on the banks of the Cedar River boasts multiple museums, historic homes, plenty of hotels, shopping and dining options, and a full schedule of cultural entertainment and exciting events.

Yet, what they really have in common are friendly, hospitable people who would love to have your visit.

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Time Line

1984 June - WD0CQW - Advanced Class Ticket

2000 April - KC0HZX - General Class Ticket

2000 October - K0KAT - General Class Ticket, Vanity Call


Hello, my name is Kathy or Kat. I have been active in amateur radio since 1985 with the call of WDCQW. Back then I was an Advanced class operator and quite active in the hobby. However, over the years other things got in the way and somewhere along the line I was in the process of galivanting around the country and allowed my license to lapse.

I forgot about the hobby until I met my future OM Craig, NPBU. He tweaked my interest once again in amateur radio. With his encouragement I retook the Novice, Technician and General class exams in the spring of 2000. By the time my birthday had rolled around the FCC granted me the call KCHZX. That is really a mouthful and a half to say on SSB let alone an awkward CW call, so I applied for the vanity call of KKAT. Currently, I have that call as a General class operator but in the near future I plan to take my Extra class exam.

K0KAT came into affect right smack in the middle of this year's CQWW contest. I enjoy the new call and have gotten lots of positive remarks on it. You can generally find me on the 10 meter phone band calling for 10 10 member contacts and signing, Kilo Zero Kilo Alpha Tango.

73, and Good DX