While on base I operate from a position of comfort. Usually I am sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner, Jake on the footrest, computer keyboard on my lap and the radio next to me on top of the filing cabinet. Jake sometimes gives me plenty of unwanted assistence in the shack by batting at the mic cord and trying to plant himself on the keyboard.

When you hear me on the bands there is one thing you can count on, my little dxing kitty won't be far away from where I am.


This is NPBU with Princess Patches firmly enscounced upon his lap. She is the queen kitty of the house (at least she thinks so).This loving lap warmer only shows up for treats and petting. She doesn't think too much of anything that takes her human's attention off of her and ignores the people who get excited over that black box that has funny noises coming out of it, unless its mealtime.


The little guy sitting above my head belongs to KCFI, Joe. His name is Cat and he's our youngest furry baby at 2 years of age. He's the rambunctious one who hides and pounces on the other two, then runs away like a grey and white furry tornado.

He's not much of a lap warmer unless his human is on the computer or the radio. At those times Mr. Cat likes to snuggle and beg for attention. Like the little furball doesn't get enough attention, sheeesh.