KØiL's Ham Station

K0iL's Shack Image

Be it ever so humble...

Omaha, Nebraska
Douglas County
Grid Square EN11wh

This Page is under perpetual construction...
just like my shack!

Station Information

Currently my ham shack is a humble station,
but I'm still dreaming of bigger antennas high in the sky!

ICOM IC-751A HF with CIV computer interface
- IC-SP3 matching speaker
- IC-PS15 power supply
ICOM IC-756 HF (borrowed--during contests)

ANTENNA GARDEN: (too small to be called a farm!)
- CUSHCRAFT R5 vertical (roof mounted at 35')
- HUSTLER 5BTV vertical (ground mounted)
- CUSHCRAFT Ringo Ranger (sewer vent mtd @ 15')

ACCESSORIES: (other stuff)
- VECTRONICS VC-300DLP antenna tuner
- BENCHER iambic paddle
- KANTRONICS KAM-Plus packet/RTTY controller
- Pentium clone (AMD K-2) using WIN-EQF for logging, Cluster terminal, awards tracking, etc...

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Most recent revision Jan. 26, 2004

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