A picture of me.
A older picture of my house, and my antennas.
A newer picture of my house, and my antennas.
Another picture of my house, and the new high-tension lines they are installing :(
A picture of the mic as I was building it.
A picture of the finished mic.
A picture of the 80m QRP Xmtr (3686.4 KHz at the present).
A picture of my QSLs I have used.
A picture of my radios.
A picture of the QSLs I have recieved as of 22APR00.

A newer picture of my radios. I finally had to get another desk, just for RF stuff. In the picture are the following: bottom left, a DX-390. This is my SW Rcvr. Above that, is a Motorola HT220, in the process of converting to 2m. Next to that is my HP LaserJet 6L. Under that, is my PRO-2066 scanner. The left hand side is mostly Rcvrs. On the right side of the 6L, is my power/SWR meter, and right below that is my mic for 10m, which is also covering the HTX-10 10m Xcvr. On the left of the mic, is my 12 & 5v PS, and next to that is my 80m CW QRP rig (1W). All the way over, and laying down, is my HTX-202. Do I like Radio Shack? Not particularly, they are just very convienent to go to for me.

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