My Equipment:

Radio Shack HTX-10
This is an excellent radio, considering it's price: $149.99 US
It covers the full 10m band (28.000 to 29.700) in four modes: USB, LSB, FM, and AM. It is rated for 7w AM (I get about 10), and 25w PEP for all other modes.
It has only two main shortcomings: No CW, and no CTCSS tone for 10m repeaters. I am very pleased with this radio, considering it's price.
I use a Antron99 antenna w/ ground plane kit, approx. 35 feet (one wavelength) above ground, with it's tip approx. 50 ft above ground.

Radio Shack HTX-202
This is my 2m radio. Since it is only capable of about 6w out, and I live in a rural area, I bought a Maha-A101 amplifier to go with it. This rasies my output to about 30-50W depending on antenna and frequency. With the homebrew J-Pole that KDØPR gave me, I get about 50w at 144.000 to 145.500, and it slopes down from there to about 30w at 148.000.

Power Supply
I use a 275Ah Lawn Mower battery, with a 1.5A automatic trickle charger. This allows me to stay on the air in the event of power failure, and my laptop computer can also be powered off of this for a limited time if needed.

I have had a terrible time getting an oscillator to work with a crystal I have for the 80m Novice portion. I would like to operate QRP here. If you have any sugestions for me, please email me at the address below.

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