NEW! Yes, like many others, I am now KØEES/AE. No, I won't be down on the Extra bands using my 5wpm. I'll still be on the Novice bands until I get it up to speed. (Feel free to listen for me on 3686.4 and *help* me practice. I won't get better if I don't make real QSOs) Mostly I was interested in having SSB privs, and all of 10m available to me. (It really sucked only using 400kHz of a radio capable of 1700kHz operation. I can now go above 28.397 MHz)
I am 33 years old, and have been licensed since September 1999. I originally recieved a Technician license, and the call KB3EES.

I moved to Iowa the day I took my tests, and in January 2000, I passed my 5wpm, and my General written, and became a Technician Plus. I plan on taking the Advanced and Extra tests before April, and will try to pass my 13 wpm before April as well.

NEWS FLASH! (lol) I passed my Advanced, and Extra 26FEB00--no more written tests! Now to work on the 13wpm

I am currently active on 2m and 10m, using the eqiupment listed here. I recieved my curent call, KØEES, on the 22nd of February, after submitting a vanity appication. My reasons for submitting one were:
1) To change my call to the appropriate region I live in (like we used to *have* to do.) I did this voluntarily, believeing in it's purpose.
2) To shorten my call.
3) The reason I did not just apply for a sequential call sign, is because I wanted to retain some recognition factor of my old call. In fact, it has already worked, as most poeple on 2m locally recognized me as me immediately :)

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