Twin Cities Chapter

Welcome to the Twin Cities chapter of Ten-Ten International. As of 17 February 2001, the chapter has 456 members in all 50 states (we finally got that elusive station in Alaska to make the 50) and many DX countries. A special number was issued to a club station and can be found in Ohio and another has been issued to a club station outside of the US.  Yes, they are real Twin Cities numbers. Twin Cities is based on various cities and sites in the state of Minnesota, and of course, Minneapolis and St Paul. Better known as the "Twin Cities".

Here you will find all that you need for becoming a member of Twin Cities, and upgrading for points and other things. So please keep the CM busy with his duties.

Attention: For those Twin Cities members who have collected the maximum of 125 City of Lakes seals may now begin collecting the Pigs Eye seals (set at a max of 150), effective 1 Jan 2000.....


In order to become a member of the Twin Cities chapter, first and foremost, you must be a current paid member of Ten-Ten. Then, make contact with either one Charter Local (CL), or one Honorary Charter Local (HCL), or one Special Qualifier (SQ). Or you can make five contacts and collect 50 points. Send this information along with your proof of current membership, and 2 first class stamps (if you want the certificate), or an SASE (for a number only) to:

Brad Kimble, KDBK
3855 66th Street E
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076-2222

All e-mail inquiries can be sent to k[email protected]

Basic Points and Seals

CL, HCL, & SQ = 20, HC & HM = 15, FC, FS, FP = 10, All Others = 5.

Points will be awarded at the rate of +1 per 100 points collected when your point value = 0-10,000; +1 per 200 points collected when your point value = 10,001-25,000; +1 per 300 points collected when your point value = 25,001-40,000; and +1 per 400 points collected when your point value = 40,001-50,000. The following seals will be awarded for the corresponding point values:

HK........................500 pts  20K........................20000 pts
1K.......................1000 pts  30K........................30000 pts
5K.......................5000 pts  40K........................40000 pts
10K.....................10000 pts  50K........................50000 pts

Note: The HK through 30K seals are worth +5 each. 40K seals are worth +10 each and the 50K seals are worth +15 for each collected. Each seal is collectible one time. You will receive +5 points one time each year for proof of your paid up dues. Lifetime members will receive +25 points. Each time your number is used as an IQ, receive +10. Collect convention numbers for +5 each starting 15 June 1995.


Submit upgrade showing 50 contacts and receive the "City of Lakes" seal......+10
    (maximum collection of 125 City of Lakes)
Submit upgrade showing 100 contacts and receive the "Pig's Eye" seal.........+15
Submit upgrade showing 200 contacts and receive the "Minneapolis" seal.......+20
    (suffix on basic becomes "HCL" and you are an Instant Qualifier)
Submit upgrade showing 250 contacts and receive the "St Paul" seal...........+25

The City of Lakes seal is collectible for +5 points each one time. Once you have collected the max allowable of 125 City of Lakes seals, the CM will let you know and you may begin collecting the Pigs Eyes. Don't submit them for credit before he lets you know it's okay. The CM will announce when they become collectible for points.

Special Upgrades

The Tourist

Upon receiving the "Pig's Eye" seal (100 contacts), a worksheet will be issued for the "Tourist". This will be worth 100 points and a collectible seal. Instructions will come with the worksheet.

The Minnesotan

When you complete the Tourist and have been awarded the Minneapolis seal (200 contacts), a new worksheet will be issued for the "Minnesotan". This will be worth 200 points and a collectible seal will be awarded. Instructions will come with the worksheet.

Key to the City

Whenever a Twin Cities member comes and visits with the Chapter Head and Certificate Manager, they will receive a "Key to the City" (in the form of a numbered certificate). The recipient will also receive an immediate +50 points. This will be a collectible number to all other members at the rate of +10 points each one time.

Passport to the Cities

A numbered "Passport" will be issued to any Twin Cities member that is visited by the Chapter Head and Certificate Manager. The "Passport to the Cities" is worth +25 points to the recipient and collectible to all other members at the rate of +5 each one time.


You can use this worksheet if you want to upgrade via e-mail. Just copy and save in text format.

E-mail Worksheet

Or if you prefer to try upgrading online, use the below link.

Online Upgrade

Updated 17 February 2001, KDBK