KØCFI Amateur Photo Gallery







                                  Top Row: Left to Right; Me at the computer from the Web Cam, My old mobile op position,

                                  Second Row: Left to Right; Mobile of KC0HZX, Antenna Farm

                                 Third Row: Left to Right; Ground Mounted Gap Voyager Vertical 2 Mtr, 6 Mtr, 10 - 80 Mtr,


                                 Fourth Row: KJ0W posing for ID Card (Maybe for Mug Shot), The Brains behind the Web Page

                                 Fifth Row: Former Operating Position, Me (CU3/N0FHL) at shack of CU3LF in Azores

                                 Sixth Row: Me at my shack in Azores (CU3/N0FHL; CU3LG), My Daughter Jill

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