Kenwood TS 850s/AT display problem


The Problem:  I have a TS850s/AT which seems to work very well except for quite
 frequently, the display starts to blink and become intermittent while 
tuning across the bands. At first it was only on 15m, but in the last week or
so, it has been happening nearly every time the radio is used.

I thought it may have been an overheating situation, but I've put a
couple muffin fans on it, without the problem going away.

The important thing is that neither the RX nor the TX is adversely
affected, and the readout on the computer under computer control remains perfect.

Could this be either a power supply under voltage or actual display low
voltage situation???

The Solution:  Check display pc board, for an intermittent connection at
 or near a +B supply filter electrolytic. It may be leaking and this
 corrodes the area.

The display problem is now resolved.

Those of you who pointed me in the direction of a 470 uF electrolytic were
right. I replaced this electrolytic, which had just started to leak, cleaned
up the PC board around the area and it has worked flawlessly since.
Interestingly, the only problem is that the replacement part is huge
compared to the original, so I had to do make an adjustment and have it
laying flat on the PC board.

Special thanks to Guillermo - LU8EYW for coming up with the solution and to Dean - 8P6SH who was the one
that had the problem and shared that the solution worked!!! 

This information came from the Kenwood Mailing list (Reflector).  I didn't want to lose this valuable tip so I copied it here.

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I hope this information has been on some value.

GL de K0BX Joe